Monday, December 29, 2008

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Update

Make sure you click on the pictures to see them big!!

Christmas was good! Eli had a blast. He got all kinds of cool presents and really seems to enjoy things.

There are more pictures but I didnt upload them all to photobucket so make sure you check back!!

He's doing very well. He seems to be growing taller but I don't think he's gaining much weight. Or whatever he does gain disappears with his height. He's waving byebye now, very enthusiastically I might add! He's also cruising very well around the furniture and can take a few steps on his own. It won't be too long until he's walking on his own. His main problem is he gets excited and tries to take off then loses his balance. He still just has two teeth on the bottem. He's eating all 'big boy' food. Which can be challenging finding healthy stuff for him! He mostly wants fruit all of the time. It's hard to get him to eat a diverse diet. But he does eat just about anything which is good! And well of course he enjoys playing in it too.

I have some photos of him unrolling the toilet paper that I will post later ;) OO he can be a turkey! and a monkey! crawling all over everything. His favorite toys are the remote and the telephone!!! Soo I am currently charging up our old phone, and I got him his own remote for christmas ;) It's amazing to watch him play and see how his mind works. He loves rolling cars around the house. He even has them 'drive' on things, like on the couch or chairs. He also likes dropping things from a distance, or into a box or garbage can. He gets into EVERYTHING! the bottem drawer on the vanity has bars of soap in it. He loves getting those out then sliding them around on the floor. We have a crate on the floor in the kitchen that has our garden potatoes in there, and he's recently discovered those. Ed and I found him chewing on one the one night. And they aren't exactly scrubbed clean either! Now every chance he gets, he's in there trying to get one. The other day I snuck up on him in the kitchen chewing on a potatoe. I went 'HEY!" and he dropped it quick then dropped on his belly and peered at me from under his high chair!! That's the other thing he likes doing, dropping onto his belly to look 'under' things.. especially if a toy goes rolling under something.

His favorite word is 'a gah" I have no idea what he's saying. He also says "cook" for cookie. Book, baba, mama, dada, ga (grammy), I get it (not perfectly but well enough you know that is what he's saying), all done, elmos world (again not perfectly), dink (drink), andd that's all I can think of right now.

Oh and the other day Ed called the dog an idiot and Eli picked that up "idit, idit"

Another story.. the other day Eli was being AWFULLY quiet out in the living room. I thought Ed was out here with him but here Ed was outside with the dogs. When I walked around the corner here Eli had Eds garbage can overturned and was chewing on an orange peel. *hehe* He offered it to me, which was nice.

He shares sometimes ;) or at least likes to show you what he has.

Okay that is all the update for now but check back for more pictures!

Christmas Photos 2

Christmas photos

We enjoy ripping all of mommies movies apart!!

OOO vibrate my tummy!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

1st birthday party

Eli went to his first birthday party yesterday for his buddy Hunter. I think everyone had a blast, especially Hunter with his cake ;) It was cute!! There was also another little boy there named Grayson. Between the three of them, Eli turned out to be the bully. He's tiny but he's tough. Grayson was eating an animal cookie and Eli decided to just climb right up using Graysons clothes, push Grayson back against a chair, then try to take the cookie. Yeaa he's a tough'in.

But it was nice seeing him socialize with other kids his age. I think he needs some more of that.
I thought I'd post some more pictures though, for everyone who lives for the pictures on this blog *aka mom*

Btw I stole these pics from Ambers myspace. Thanks ;)

PS: You have to click on the pics to expand them. What you see is not the entire picture. Blogger does that for some reason *shrugs*

Sunday, December 7, 2008


No updates for awhile! My new job is keeping me busy.

I have some pictures to share and some news.
Eli went to see Santa last weekend at the mall. He was fine! The picture lady kept commenting how happy he was. I was so excited for him to meet Santa I didn't mind paying entirely too much for the picture ;P

He also walked up the stairs last Saturday. I was behind him of course, but he started motoring up and didn't stop until he was almost at the top. Then he took a lil break and went right on up the rest of the way! He's a bugger!

Right now it's just a challenge trying to feed him. He slaps the spoon out of your hand when your trying to feed him baby food. He mostly wants table food. It's hard to switch gears and think about okay what do I need to have on hand to feed him, since he can't exactly eat everything we have. I'm still pretty paranoid about giving him meat like chicken or pork or whatnot, and having it be too tough for him to mush up. He does really well though.
Okay that is all for now. And look for my next post to say he's walking ;) haha. I think by christmas time he will be!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Yay my baby got his first tooth! It started poking through on wednesday. He keeps rubbing his tongue on it and sticking his fingers in his mouth like what the heck is that! Ed says theres another one coming in right next to is (so the two front teeth) but I didn't see it. Eli is very resistant to you prying his mouth open or to you sticking a finger in there. It's his mouth darnit.

He had his 9 month check up yesterday. It was about 2 weeks early but I wanted to squeeze it in before I started my new job. He's a tiny boy. He weighs 16 pounds, 12 ounces, and is 27 and a quarter inches tall. His head was like 17 inchs around (if I remember right). he's dropped way down on the growth charts and the Dr thinks he has my height genes. We'll see though. We don't need another shortie around.

And he also slept ALLL night long last night. He does every now and then, but normally I still wake up to him making lil peeps or waking up a lil bit in the middle of the night. Last night was SILENT. It was nice. The dr says though he might start waking up and screaming for mum or dad, as seperation anxiety sets in. Ahh just when things get good it could go bad again.

oh well!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ice cream face

I really hate it when Eli plays in the dog bed but he was so happy and looked so cute sitting in there the other day. He had pulled his baby monitor down and was just having a grand ol time.

This is his ice cream face. OOo yea we love those ice cream sandwiches :-D


It's been awhile since I've posted. I think Eli is finally getting a tooth. Well I know he is. You can FEEL it :-D it's this hard lump underneath his gum and that keeps getting bigger and bigger. So now the officially tooth countdown can start. He hasn't been too grumpy so that is a plus. Maybe that'll come later I don't know how long it takes these things to push through. Hopefully it'll be easy on him. I hate it when he's miserable.

He's cruising along the furniture pretty good now. I'm not really encouraging him to walk though (like holding his hands and leading him around). Maybe later on but he's only 8 months now. No need to hurry it!

And we've figured out that he sleeps MUCH better without the nightlight on. Unfortunantly I sleep worse because I'm paranoid he'll suffocate under his blanket. And also unfortunantly we need the blanket because our bedroom is so cold. boo :(

Monday, October 27, 2008

A mommy moment

Unfortunantly Eli is still sick :( Which stinks. He was doing fine on Friday but then got sick all over again on Saturday. He was alright yesterday so we will see. Poor kiddo. The bug's just hanging on.

He climbed the stairs this morning. Yup! I can imagine the shock on your face *haha* He only got up two steps before I grabbed him of course, but he had no issues doing it whatsoever. I think he's part monkey. He's just so darn cute sometimes.

I had to share the following mommy moment:

Even though I generally run on 6 hours of sleep, waking up with him in the middle of the night can be the most precious time of the day. He's usually standing on the side of his crib babbeling at me. I make him a bottle and lay him in bed between Ed and I and feed him. He usually rubs his hand up and down my arm or sometimes on my cheek. Last night he was grabbing my nose and moving my face all around.. then getting a big smile as he still had the bottle in his mouth. It just makes you forget all about the fact that it's 4 am and you really want to be sleeping. Andd sometimes he likes to just cuddle up next to me and snooze in bed until it's time to get up for the day. Andd sometimes he decides he doesn't want to go back to sleep and he'd rather pull on Daddy's goatee while he's trying to sleep. *haha*

Either way, you can't help but smile :-D

Friday, October 24, 2008

The "bug"

Our household just got over the dreaded stomach bug. I haven't been sick with that for 8 years! The first winter with a baby and it hits us all! (by all I mean mother in law, father in law, brother in law, sister in law and one neice. The other so far is okay). We all had slightly different variations.

Eli started with it monday with, to be kind i'll just say, bad diapers. Tuesday I was very very ill as was Ed, then tuesday evening Eli was 'ill.' (aka yarfing). Wednesday he seemed better but then in the middle of the night there was more yarf. It was not fun.

I think today we are finally over it. We fed him mostly a pedialyte mixture yesterday (Water, salt, sugar, jello). Soo today MIL is going to try some banana's for breakfast and we'll see how that goes.

In other news: He's really mastered pulling himself up and standing next to things. He's not really cruising yet but getting there. And boy is he a fast crawler. If he really wants something he takes off. He's saying all kinds of things now. All within a few days! he's saying ba ba and even said mummum a few times. He's saying gaa and all other sorts of babbelings.

He also ate some dog food this morning. By the time Ed got to him (after we heard the bowl tip) he had dog food in his hands. I was cleaning off his hands and was like, wait a minute, whats in your mouth. Sure enough some dog food. The kicker is, he was so sneaky about it! he had a completely straight face and wasn't chewing or doing anything to give away the fact that he had dog food in there.

If this is the sign of things to come..well... I'm going to be in trouble.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some professional pictures

Ed's sis had these done for us. They are sooo good!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


SOO I thought we might be finally getting a tooth. Sleepless nights, lots of crank, a lil lump... but now I'm not so sure. I don't feel the lump anymore. It must have sucked itself in. Ah well.

Eli continues to crawl around like crazy. We've had to block him off from the dining room/kitchen area. he's fast. I was cooking dinner last night and within 2 seconds Eli was from the living room to the kitchen tipping the dog food bowl. It's like he has radar. Hm I shouldn't play with this so lets make a beline and get there before mom knows what's going on!!!

And he likes dancing ;) Or mostly me spinning around and hopping up and down while he just holds on for dear life and giggles like crazy :-D

here are some moree pictures (or there were some pictures..they always post first and I forget)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

more pix


Some pics

Soo we took some pics this evening which was harder then heck. Eli's so busy crawling around and exploring we couldnt keep him still. Plus he would NOT look at us.

THEN I come in and download, and the camera was on the wrong setting. the pics aren't bad but not very good either. The camera needed to be set for a better picture quality so I could print them out :( soo

these will have to do for now. Maybe I'll tackle it again tmrw.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So I haven't posted for awhile.

I was off work fair week and didn't get a whole lot done. Eli is a lil maniac and he just left me exhusted. Everytime he napped I napped. Or zoned. or something nonactivity releated.

Also in the past week he has learned A LOT! which might explain why before that we were having some major sleep issues.

He is now pulling himself up on you. He likes grabbing ahold of your clothes and pulling. He likes to do that.. up and down.. constantly. Yea I pretty much became a jungle gym. He's also getting somewhere with his crawling. He kind of hops forward, goes splat on the floor. gets up on all fours then hops again. It's slow, but works. I don't think he'll be crawling that long before he starts walking.

He still does not have teeth, but he wants to eat table food now. He's been spitting out his veggies but he will eat his fruits. I've been giving him little bits of whatever we eat. He likes mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, peas, cheese from pizza, um pretty much anything you put on the end of your finger. Oh and Red Lobster buiscuits are yummy too. (I don't think theres a person in the world who would disagree with that).

Soo he's a growing, busy, maniac of a child. Oh and he likes watching Barney. that's not one Ed and I are too fond of though. Jay Jay the Jet Plane and Seasame street catch his attention too.

I need to take some pics and post :-D maybe later.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Well it seems like my lil boy has figured out da da. And boy is he good at saying it too. It's all da da this and da da that. First thing when he wakes up da da and when he's trying to take a bottle too da da. Yup...

Hopefully mummum is next ;)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bound to happen

Well this was something that was bound to happen. A certain little boy I know has found a certain little area of his body that normally is covered up. Uhhhuh. I can't wait until he figures out how to undo his diaper or how to reach down inside ;P

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Eli and I went to visit Amber, Hunter and Kalista today. Eli and Hunter were a little bit on the verge of grumpy but it went well. Hunter had some half deflated balloons and Eli thought they were the bees knees.

Now I must say that I dislike my camera. It has different settings for picture quality. One is 0.3 (the lowest) the next is 1. Well 1 makes the pics REALLY huge and when you try to resize them they distort. but 0.3 takes crappy pictures :(

Okay that rant over.

Eli's wanting to crawl. Since last weekend that is his new thing. Before he hated being on his belly and now that's all he wants to do. No more naps on the bed. That kiddo is WAY to quick. (and I just paid 15 dollars for a bedrail HRMPH. Ah well perhaps when Eli is in a big boy bed he'll need it.) He tries to get himself to go forward but instead he somehow ends up backwards. I have not witnessed this personally but several times I have placed him on the floor and walked away and when I came back he was a foot or two behind his original placement. o.O

Silly kid. And he's a jumping maniac. Ed says Eli would win 'jumpyjump' in the olympics. Too bad it's not an official sport :(

Okay that is all for now :-D I promise to take more pictures.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I've been quiet lately. I haven't been feeling well. I thought for sure Eli was teething but now I have a cold, and I wonder if his runny nose is because he got the cold first.
He was baptised on Saturday. It was very nice. He screamed all morning which of course I knew would happen. After all, it was only a big day!!! He ended up being just fine during the ceremony though and the little reception afterwards. All and all it went very nicely!
He's been sitting up better and better everyday. You still have to keep your hands near him though as he tends to just let himself fall over. I still can't get him on his belly. Now that he can roll he just immediately rolls onto his back. But he sleeps on his belly. Go figure.
Soo not much else is going on. I did make some homemade babyfood last night. Mango's. It's slightly cost effective I suppose. I made roughly 7 and a half jars of babyfood and the mango's cost me 2.50. Your saving a *little* bit of money. That might vary with different things though. Like now from our garden we have a ton of green beans and peas that I can make that will be free. Also some squash and pumpkin. And next year when he'll be able to eat pretty much everything we eat it'll really be nice :-D

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some things from the weekend

So I forgot about this weekend when I posted the pictures.

We went to Burger king on Saturday and poor Eli was staring us down something fierce. (From now on we'll be taking some jar food to feed him while we are eating too). I thought we could give him a little peice of bun, to give him a taste. I figured it's soft and if it's small enough he shouldn't choke. Well I guess maybe it's a first time mom mistake? :P because you would have thought the kid was dieing. The instant it touched his tongue he started going "GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK" really...loud. He just kept doing it over and over. He wasn't choking mind you, the bread had barely touched his tongue. So we quickly gave him some formula to wash it down. All he did was throw that up along with some bread particles. He was still very loudly going GAAAAAAAAAAAAAK (which now instead of having a hairball I think I'll call it having a breadball). I stuck my pinkie in there to do a mouth sweep but didn't get anything. Then Ed did and got the littlest peice of bread out and Eli was just fine.

We learned our lesson though, no more texture. We'll stick with the puree.

Eli came back from poppop's today and actually was SITTING in the bathtub!! Usually he wants to stand and it's annoying holding onto him. (But he has fun) well he was sitting in there all nice and having a good old time. He kept swishin his rag around and sucking up some water. Of course I sit there thinking ugg he shouldn't be drinking that..but I'm realistic enough to realize much worse will go in his mouth down the road.

Hm well that's all I think for now. He is peacefully sleeping, until 4 am. Then like clockwork he'll be awake and ready for fun!!

OH! and he's also starting to *reach* out when he wants someone to hold him. It's cute. I would say he only does it for me, but I had him and he was doing it towards his poppop too. AND he's also getting the hang of his new jumperoo. He was jumping a bit this evening :-D

Monday, August 18, 2008

and a few more

We were walking around the Montour Delong fair on friday night and people kept looking at Eli in his stroller and giggling, or saying "look at that" or "are those feet tasty??" well here he was with both feet in his mouth, just having a good old time ;)