Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some more pictures

Eli love his stationary bouncer thing. It's not really bounceable I think :P I'd like to get a jumperoo or something. His favorite thing is trying to fit that big rattle thing into his mouth.

Eli being folded like an accordian. ;) He's getting the hang of sitting. Tonight Ed and I had to go to the chiro and the secretary (who's the nicest lady and always holds Eli while I'm in there) said why don't you let the chiro look at him. Well, he's been mega fussy the past few days and I figured, what could it hurt. The chiro lady (Dr Nikki) is great. She has 3 kids and is a body builder. They dont do the normal 'crack' your back thing. They use a lil puncher thing and a lot of touching of reflexed. Anyway she just stretched his legs a lil. She turned him on his belly and held his knees together and stretched his legs a lil more after touching a few spots on his head. Then she pushed his buttcheeks together. Then she took him, hands under his arm pits, thumbs against his spine and just kinda swooped him down then back up twice. She said that's something you can do anytime.. that you'll hear popping but it's just fluid between the spine. She said when your more comfy with things you can also pick them up by their feet and let them hang upside down. She said their first instinct will be to hold their arms out wide..and that helps stretch them all out and align their spine just right. She explained things really well and I can't recall it all right now, but it made a lot of sense. AND SURE Kids have gone hundreds of years without chiropractic care ;) But if it helps him be a lil less fussy I'm all for it! His one leg was a lil crooked. She said we can turn him over and squeeze his buttcheeks together and look for the length in his legs ourselves. She said mainly you'll see problems if the kid has a fall. BUT anyway it was an interesting experience. I'll probably take him everytime I go so she can check him out :-D

Eli's messy face after eating some Oatmeal. He's 5 months old in these pics.
"Hey mom, I got some in my eyeball!"
A rare Eli and I photo. Notice our redneck groundhog keep out from under our deck dohickymarig. Dang groundhogs.


Last night Eli slept from 8:30 pm until 5 am this morning. It was much needed bliss. Although of course I was still awake at 3, then 3:19, then 3:30, peeking at the crib like hey .. bud.. hey.... aren't ya gonna wake up and ya know..bug me???

Then he fell back asleep a little before 6 and slept til 7:30. Lil stinker. I had to get up at 6:30 and he got to sleep in!! I left him on the bed and got ready for work. He woke up and I went upstairs to get him and he just got the biggest sleepy smile on his face. It was so adorable. He had his burpie rag and his feet and was like hey mom!!

I swore I heard him say "ba" again between sips of bottle this morning.

Today he's going to try some sweet potatoes. MIL yesterday gave him some turkey and rice dinner, having not been aware that your supposed to start them on one ingrediant foods at a time. He was fine though. She said that he gobbled it down *haha!* I'm sure he did. He was like REAL FOOD!

Up to this point he's just been eating rice cereal, oatmeal with apple juice, and some pears.

Hm well that's all for now!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First Post

So I should have started this a long time ago but I didn't. Mostly because I'm unmotivated.

This will be my spot on web to discuss my most wonderful son Elias. (Well and he's half his dad's too I suppose) ;)

Elias is 5 months old and is growing so fast! This morning while Ed and I were eating breakfast, Eli very clearly said "ba" three times! I was so excited. I asked Ed if he had heard it, and of course he hadn't. I couldn't get Eli to repeat it. I picked him up and kept going "ba" and Ed kept going "Ba ba!!" and Eli just giggled.

I think he's going to be a blabber mouth like his mom. :-X