Thursday, March 19, 2009

A year's reflection

It seems like Eli has been around forever. I can barely remember him being a tiny little thing. I do know I'd get a lot more sleep without him, but I'd rather go with the 6 hours a night ;) He has grown so much! He is 18.9 pounds and 2 feet, 6 inches tall. He walks so good and he loves the nice weather. He's learning how to walk around the yard pretty well which was a challenge at first since our yard is hilly. He's a very happy kid, except when he's tired, but hey who isn't cranky when they are tired! His vocabulary is amazing! (or at least I think so). He says 'see ya' and 'byebye'. He's been saying Ma ma lately but usually just when he's upset. He even said cracker the other day in walmart. He likes to tell the dogs to 'shut up' when they are barking. He's very vocal all the time. His favorite pastime is crawling all over his mom and beating on her ;P I don't mind though. And if you are REALLY lucky, he'll give you a smooch. Life is so exciting with him around. He has two teeth on the bottom and one tooth on the top. He's a very picky eater. I suppose all kids are at this age. He loves his pickles and cheese. He'll also eat a cheesedog and a half but we save that for every once in awhile. And of course he'll eat just about any kind of fruit. Give him a cut up banana, and he'll refuse it. But if you give him the WHOLE banana, he'll eat it down! I guess theres a difference ;)

So an entire year, come and gone. Soon we will embark on another first, a plane ride to Florida. Hopefully all goes well!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Birthday 2

Eli's Birthday

You have to look at the pictures from the bottom of the post up to see the sequence of it ;) He loved everyone singing happy birthday to him and clapped for us. He was unsure of what to do with the cake but then he started to get the swing of things.

So apparently I only took pictures of him eating cake, but hey that's the important part ;)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Almost 1

I just typed a big post and it didnt work! *cries*