Monday, May 4, 2009

Breaking news

Eli has 6 teeth!! Well 4 full and 2 almost there teeth. His eye teeth are coming in well, and it looks as though they have broken skin. I thought Eli was having allergy issues but apparently it was teething. (everytime he gets teeth he has a runny nose for 2 weeks prior). More teeth is trouble though. I'm paranoid he'll become a biter. He gets a kick out of biting my big toes for some reason. I can't help but laugh but the more I 'pretend scream' the more he laughs then I laugh and it's not good. Luckly that is ALL he has been biting. He is turning into quite the handful though. He's figured out how to pull out the chairs and climb onto the kitchen table or the computer desk. He's quick to! You turn your back for 2 seconds and he is standing on the table. I've had to turn my chairs all upside down. I know that'll only last so long. He'll eventually gain the size advantage and just flip the chairs back over. He also REALLY enjoys looking out the windows so I take an unused laundry basket and turn it upside down so he has a bit of a stool to stand on.

He has been imitating the dogs for a few weeks now, oof oof. What's cute is he takes out this little dog stuffed animal toy he has and will carry it around going oof off. The other night he learned how to 'quack' like a duck. If you ask him what does a duck do he'll go 'qwack qwack.'

Not *EVERY* time but most of the time I can get him to count to two. If I say "one" and hold up another object he'll go 'two.' He's a smart little bugger. He watches you do something once and he wants to do it. He watched me unscrew the battery cover to his one book and then was insistant he had the screw driver and that was going to unscrew it. He also keeps trying to put the car keys into the door lock. He's a little too short to reach though. He's following commands very well. If you tell him to give something to mommy or daddy he will. Tonight his drink was empty so Ed said "give it to Mommy." I was out in the kitchen and he brought it right to the baby gate and threw it over. He'll throw his diapers away as well : X He's drinking out of a straw very well and eats a good variety of food. Some of his favorite things are kidney beans, frenchfries, mcdonalds cheeseburger, pickles, cheese, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, marshmellows, gold fish, club crackers, cheesey hot dogs, grapes, oranges, mandarine oranges, strawberries, any kind of cereal, mac and cheese crackers, and teddy grahms.

He got his first hair cut on May 2nd (my birthday, which by the way, makes me very old). He did so well! I was so proud of him. The hair dresser I could tell was reluctant. She's so very nice though. She put the booster on the chair and sat him in it and put the little cap around him. She kept remarking how 'tiny' he is. ;P I told her just to get above the ears because if that is ALL she can get, I'll be happy. Eli though was perfectly content and fascinated by the entire process. He sat still the whole time and she was able to get all of his hair. It was a great birthday present! He now looks like such a little man.

I think I might have to start considering potty training. I know he is so young but he seems to be gearing up for it. When he 'goes' he often squats down so you know exactly when he's doing it. Most of the time when he poops he'll come running over and be pulling as his diaper. Saturday night I took his diaper off and got up quick to get the diaper cream. He of course ran away, squatted on the floor, grunted, and peed. I've had him do this outside too while running around without a diaper on.

Ok well that was a lot of update and I think that's all I have for now ;)

First Hair Cut

Getting there..

Below is some pictures :-D Eli discovered the hose as we were filling the pond up. He thought it was the greatest thing on earth. He also likes pretending to drive my car ;)