Friday, June 12, 2009

Some words

I know I mostly post now I need to explain some of them.

I'm at work though and can't see what the pictures are, which I posted last night, so I'll have to go from memory.

I know there is a messy face one.. that's not abnormal. The kid is a pretty messy eater. He also enjoys throwing his food all over the floor and whatnot. I guess he thinks the dogs are starving or something. Every now and then he'll throw a fork or a plate and hit one of them. Then we get a "yulp", but in dogs the need to scrounge off of their human counterparts is stronger then their self presservation instincts.

I know there are some pictures of 'glove hands' :-D Eli likes getting into the kitchen drawers and taking out the oven mits. We then put on our glove hands and smack each other silly.

Theres some pictures of Eli messing around with vaseline. ;P The other night I left him alone for 5 minutes. 5 minutes I swear!!! He got the tub of vaseline opened and had it gobbed all on his hands, his face, the keyboard, the mouse, and the computer chair. I wasn't to happy but I wasn't that upset either because it was funny. And fyi diaper wipes work really well at cleaning up that greasy slop.

What else is going on...

Eli got in a molar. Which is strange. I thought he would get on the bottom, the teeth next to his two front teeth. Instead he threw us for a loop and got in a tooth on the top, way in the back. And of course he won't let you see in his mouth, or brush his teeth for that matter. He's very tight lipped at times.

His understanding his so amazing. For awhile now we have noticed he understands when you ask him to do certain things, like finding a pair of shorts or picking up a certain toy. My mom was babysitting him one day and said "hey you got a new toy!!" which Eli immediately ran over to and grabbed to show off. Last night I told him 'Da da' was in the bathroom and to go 'knock on the door and tell him to get the hell out of there". Eli gave me this lil look, ran over to the bathroom, started banging on the door and yelling his own jibberish version of get the hell out.

He also enjoys pushing me around when he wants my attention, which is pretty much all the time. He's pretty strong too! But he can be content to sit and get into things on his own. Especially if it's something I don't really want him to get into.

He is obsessed with our strawberry plants. You take him outside and he goes running right over 'straw straw straw" and will push through the plants and pull off the berries. I just need to teach him how to figure out what is ripe and what is not.

Well I think that is a fairly good update for now. :-D I'm sure this summer is going to be a blast!