Saturday, November 28, 2009

my kids so smart

We're raising a smarty pants ;) He knows is basic colors, red, blue, green, orange, yellow. He can identify numerous farm animals. And his memory!! The other night he was taking a bath and had a lil toy coffee pot in the tub with him. He said he was 'making coffee.' Ed nor I, nor anyone he is with everyday, drinks coffee. I asked him "who drinks coffee??" and he replied, offended almost, "Poppop and Abby!!" My dad and youngest sister. Well, he hasn't spent a day over there for months! Since probably mid september.

Well I'm proud of him anyway ;) He amazes me.

Bedtime is now quite the routine. He has to have 'cook cook', his big cookie monster stuffed animal that used to be Eds. The three cabbage patch dolls, his lil baby dolls, spok (yes, from star trek), and any other lil animals. Cookie monster has to be covered up, and the lil babies have to be under Eli's blanket. The kid is just silly sometimes.

He knows the 'golden arches' of Mcdonalds and is obsessed with frenchfries. He's going to turn into a frenchfry. We can't pull into walmart without him screaming FRENCHFRIES!!! We were driving to Mifflinville a few weeks ago on the interstate and when we got to the bridge he could see the M sign and started yelling in the car 'FRENCHFRIES!!!"

Ok that is all for now ;)

Monday, November 16, 2009


I love nothing more then to see my little boy learning everyday. He amazes me with his knowledge, his reasoning skills, his language. Some examples: He pulls a pill bottle out of the drawer and proclaims, Empty! The fact that french fries come from ‘Donalds and that his “GaGa” will take him there. His babies need burped and fed and he whips up some invisible goop in a little bowl to spoon feed them. We can watch Elmo on the kiki (computer- on youtube), and that the pee video (Elmo potty time song) is his favorite. Mommy’s toothbrush tastes better then his own. O.o If he doesn’t like what’s on tv he’ll just go turn it off. Sometimes he tries to work the remote to find ‘bob’ (spongebob) or elmo. If he feels you are not listening to him or giving him your full attention he’ll grab your face and make you look right at him.

We are getting him a pretend kitchen for Christmas. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to see the things he comes up with.

He also has a lil boy cousin now, Lelan. When I told Eli we were going to see the baby for the first time, he was so darn excited I could barely keep him from running out the door. When we got there, he immediately wanted the baby on his lap so he could hold him. Then he wanted to feed him, and give him lots of kisses, and rub his head. It was very sweet. I have some pictures which I’ll try to get up soon!