Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas time

I'll post some pics this weekend.

Christmastime has come and gone! The weekend after thanksgiving we put our tree up. Eli was so excited when he woke up from his nap and saw a full sized tree in the dining room. I had him help me decorate. Growing up my sister and I were never allowed to touch the tree because my mom has OCD :P I want to make sure Eli always has some input. We picked non-breakable ornaments and I let him go to town. Most things ended up in the same spot. I tried to let him decorate with candy canes but after he broke the third one I gave up. His daddy set up my papaps train under the tree a few days later. Talk about an excited little boy! It's so fun to see them get so excited they can barely contain themselves. It took a few days for it to really sink in that he shouldn't be touching the trains. "NO" only deterred him so much. Over all though he did very well!

He had a very good Christmas. 4 days of it in fact! Christmas eve we visited my mother's side of the family. We got to reconnect with people I rarely get to spend time with. Christmas day his first words were "Ho ho!" He was suprised to see the presents under the tree and the big 'thing' under the blanket (his kitchen). He ripped and tore and uncovered his kitchen then immediately had to 'wash his dishes.' I might be turning him into a clean freak ;) Then we went up to the in-laws and he got to rip and tear some more.

Saturday my mom and sister came over. Mom got him a john deer ride on tractor with a wagon. I'm sure as it gets warmer out we will spend lots of time riding around the yard with it. Sunday was Dad's house with that side of the family. My dad got him a big red wooden sided wagon. It's really nice! It even has ATW wheels.

He also got some elmo dvd's which we've watched 1 time too many already.

Before christmas we had one night of peeing on the potty! I was so excited. I'm pretty sure more excited then him. It was a fluke though. He hasn't done it since! He likes to try! and if he goes in his diaper and your not quick enough he'll be undressing himself and taking his dirty diaper off. Everything is "I Do!" and boy does he know how to do a lot ;)

We're still having a word explosion! He speaks very well and has been putting 2 and 3 word sentences together. My favorite, "No, I drive!" Not for a few years yet buddy!!

He's not too much a fan of the snow. It's okay to step in, but not okay to eat or touch. We got some snow today so maybe tomorrow we'll try a little sleigh riding and see if that changes his opinion at all.

His eye teeth have come in on the top and now we are working on the bottem.

Ok well look for some pictures!!! His Daddy just took him for a nice 'lil boy' haircut after a lady at weis thought he was a girl. :P boo