Sunday, January 18, 2009


Yes our child is FULL OF TROUBLE!!! His newest game is 'chase.' He loves when your yelling nooo!!!! He crawls away just as fast as he can, giggling the whole way and turning around to see just how close you are. No progress on the walking, but that's okay. He's taken an obsessive interest in 3 books that he has (two are foam with peices you take out and 1 has flaps that you lift and things to feel underneath). I have memorized the books. Give it another week and he will have memorized them as well ;) haha.

The other day Ed said "go get daddy a book." and Eli crawled over, grabbed his fav, and crawled back to Dad with it. He's a smart bugger.

He also likes cleaning out my cupboards, as you see in the pics. And playing in the toilet (no pic of that, sorry), and body slamming the cat and just being a generally happy kid ;)