Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

We are fastly approaching Eli's 2nd birthday! People always say it goes by so fast but most of the time I feel like he's been around forever. I am anxious for him to grow up but am enjoying every day as well. He's getting tall and staying skinny. He has all his teeth except for his 2 year molars. His speech is amazing and gets better everyday. He knows when he's done something bad to say sorry. He says thank you when you get him something. His favorite word to describe emotion is angry. (Ever since reading Llama Llama mad at Mama). I'm trying to teach him there are other emotions like happy, sad, but they all end up being 'angry.' He's loving sesame street and even more so lately Thomas the tank engine. We went to a booksale and bought some old vhs tapes, 2 being thomas the tank engine. Now that is all he wants to watch. No real attempts at potty training yet although he did pee on the potty a few months ago. I bought him some big boy undies this past weekend but we'll wait a lil bit to try them out. He loves to announce when he's tooted. And he'll try to toot on purpose if you mention it. He's a giant cuddle bug at times and loves sleeping with his mommy and daddy. (a habit I will be trying to break soon once we can move into our new bedroom). He knows some of his abc's, like if you go through them and stop before a letter he'll name the next letter.

We've gone sledding. He had some fun. He more wanted to walk in the snow. I guess mom had more fun sledding then he did. Right now we are getting a good snow storm so he'll have some more chances to play.

His favorite thing in the world right now is playing cozy. This involves getting naked and getting under the covers. We'll read books or he'll just be a mad man and bounce all over the bed. I don't mind playing cozy because well, it's cozy :-D

We're also looking into getting a puppy .. so life should be getting much more interesting!!!

Time to go!