Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I've been quiet lately. I haven't been feeling well. I thought for sure Eli was teething but now I have a cold, and I wonder if his runny nose is because he got the cold first.
He was baptised on Saturday. It was very nice. He screamed all morning which of course I knew would happen. After all, it was only a big day!!! He ended up being just fine during the ceremony though and the little reception afterwards. All and all it went very nicely!
He's been sitting up better and better everyday. You still have to keep your hands near him though as he tends to just let himself fall over. I still can't get him on his belly. Now that he can roll he just immediately rolls onto his back. But he sleeps on his belly. Go figure.
Soo not much else is going on. I did make some homemade babyfood last night. Mango's. It's slightly cost effective I suppose. I made roughly 7 and a half jars of babyfood and the mango's cost me 2.50. Your saving a *little* bit of money. That might vary with different things though. Like now from our garden we have a ton of green beans and peas that I can make that will be free. Also some squash and pumpkin. And next year when he'll be able to eat pretty much everything we eat it'll really be nice :-D

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some things from the weekend

So I forgot about this weekend when I posted the pictures.

We went to Burger king on Saturday and poor Eli was staring us down something fierce. (From now on we'll be taking some jar food to feed him while we are eating too). I thought we could give him a little peice of bun, to give him a taste. I figured it's soft and if it's small enough he shouldn't choke. Well I guess maybe it's a first time mom mistake? :P because you would have thought the kid was dieing. The instant it touched his tongue he started going "GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK" really...loud. He just kept doing it over and over. He wasn't choking mind you, the bread had barely touched his tongue. So we quickly gave him some formula to wash it down. All he did was throw that up along with some bread particles. He was still very loudly going GAAAAAAAAAAAAAK (which now instead of having a hairball I think I'll call it having a breadball). I stuck my pinkie in there to do a mouth sweep but didn't get anything. Then Ed did and got the littlest peice of bread out and Eli was just fine.

We learned our lesson though, no more texture. We'll stick with the puree.

Eli came back from poppop's today and actually was SITTING in the bathtub!! Usually he wants to stand and it's annoying holding onto him. (But he has fun) well he was sitting in there all nice and having a good old time. He kept swishin his rag around and sucking up some water. Of course I sit there thinking ugg he shouldn't be drinking that..but I'm realistic enough to realize much worse will go in his mouth down the road.

Hm well that's all I think for now. He is peacefully sleeping, until 4 am. Then like clockwork he'll be awake and ready for fun!!

OH! and he's also starting to *reach* out when he wants someone to hold him. It's cute. I would say he only does it for me, but I had him and he was doing it towards his poppop too. AND he's also getting the hang of his new jumperoo. He was jumping a bit this evening :-D

Monday, August 18, 2008

and a few more

We were walking around the Montour Delong fair on friday night and people kept looking at Eli in his stroller and giggling, or saying "look at that" or "are those feet tasty??" well here he was with both feet in his mouth, just having a good old time ;)

More pictures

I'll have to try to get a video of this (I think my digi camera lets me take some video). But Eli lovessssss hiding under blankets. He'll pull the blanket over his face, then kick his arms and legs like crazy, then rip the blanket off.

He's a goofy child.

Monday morning

Eli sleeping on Dad. What an exhusting Sunday!

What am I supposed to do in this thing again?

Look at that smile!

Nom nom

According to my careful calculations Eli is 23 weeks old woo! (I just had to sit and count because I lost track, so next sunday he'll be 6 months yay!)

Sleeping is still very inconsistant. He has good nights and bad nights. I'm not sure why. He did good all weekend, but now he's back at home with the neices during the day. So we'll see how he does tonight. I think they over excite him during the day and it makes him cranky at night.

I took lots of pictures this weekend, sooo I'm going to post those since I don't have much else to write about. (come on Eli, do something exciting!)

Thursday, August 7, 2008


We put Eli down about 8:15 last night. He slept like a champ, all the way until about 1 am. Then he wokeup and ate 4 oz. Then slept again nice and solid until 6:15. What a relief. He was on his belly all night too, so he's very easily rolling over now. Which is nice. And I watched him roll from belly to front when he had woke up at 1. Finallllyy a good nights rest. Even though I'm a worry wort and am scared he'll suffocate. But hey back when I was a baby the advice was to always have them on their bellies!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Well there is my new hair :-D The picture doesn't do it justice. I really like it. It just feels a lot better. And I lost less this morning when I was taking a shower which is good!

Other good news! Eli rolled over yesterday woo! I brought him home from poppop's and Eli was on the floor playing when pretty soon he rolled right over and got into the crawling stance. Then last night, I woke up at 4:17 (amazingly he had not been awake at all!) and he was on his belly. Of course it freaked me out but there was NO WAY I was going to wake him up and flip him over. So instead I laid in bed and used my mind powers to make him wake up on his own. ;P haha. No literally 20 min later he woke up. Soo I fed him and put him in bed and still couldn't fall back asleep. My body is so used to 6 hours of sleep that that's all it seems to need anymore. Which is sad. I miss my 8 hours.

We also had our first completely messy blow out poopy diaper last night. He was sitting in his bumbo chair (THANKS AMBER) and I went to take him out and saw poo on the chair. Im like uhoh! It was nasty. I guess from eating solids. He's been eating solids for lunch time.

Alright well that is all for now! :-D

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Eli's being a stinker and not sleeping good :( He wants to roll over so bad and it seems like every waking moment he has at night is spent trying to roll over. He's pretty much exclusively sleeping on his side now. He can't get himself all the way over though.. so every 2 hours he's awake at night being frustrated. I try putting him on his back but he just goes back to his side and trying to roll over. I've tried putting him on his belly but that just ticks him off. I don't know what to do. All I know is it's getting *really* old not sleeping.

But on a happy note..last night Eli decided to attack me.. in the cutest most awarding moment I've had yet ;) I play 'kissy monster' and smooch his face all over and go nom nom nom. It's fun. Well last night he decided it was MY turn to get the kissy monster. He kept opening his mouth up wide and slobbering all over my face. Then he had ahold of my hair on both sides and would give me a hug.. then slobber all over me some more. I laughed so hard.

Well I'm going at noon to get my hair cut. Hopefully the lady can do SOMETHING to make it not be so plain. My hair is still falling out. (I am hoping just post partum falling out). Soo it's really thin right now and I hate it :( I might have her just shave me bald and give me a wig.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Long Day

Wow it's been a long day. Eli was up at 4:45, then 5:45, then 7 oclock ready to start the day! He took good naps though which was nice. And he's been eating like a hog today! (Just bottles, and 2 with oatmeal in them). Still haven't heard him say ba again. Oh well. I've read that boys will usually walk before girls, but girls will usually talk before boys.

All I know is that he's a very active little kiddo and wants to be entertained constantly while he's awake. He actually played on the floor with his sesame street gym for awhile which was nice! (See pics above). Those are old pictures (well maybe a month and a half old and apparently when we were in a cold snap because he's wearing long sleeves!!!!) I got that thing at a yardsale for I think 2 or 3 dollars. I figured theres no way he'll like this, it doesnt light up or make noise or do anything interesting! But he's always liked it since the day I brought it home. I guess something has to be said for toys that use some imagination ;)
OKAY well I'm off to bed. Might as well.