Thursday, February 19, 2009

My child...
well Ed's child too ;)
is bad.
He likes to put all his food into the dog crate. Not really sure. Maybe he thinks the pups are hungry. Maybe he's planning on living in the dog crate. *shrugs*
And tonight Ed says "good thing I have the brain of a 1 yr old mom, or else I'd just crawl under that gate"
and 2 seconds later, Eli crawls under the gate. We did it that way so the dogs could get into the kitchen to get their food. Now I'm not sure WHAT to do.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Keep meaning to update...

so I've been meaning to update for awhile but I started a new job and am super busy. I used to do all of my 'netting' at my old job (which is horrible to say but there was a lot of downtime and I only had so many things I could possibly do.

It's not like that here at my new job. I'm always hoppin'. Which is a good thing.

But it's lunch time! And I'm taking advantage of it.


Since I knew quite a few family members read this I'll attempt to update.

Eli is walking now. Almost exclusively. Sometimes he holds his arms straight out and I joke that he's a zombie. (Since he growls constantly, it's about true). Theres minimal bumping and bruising which is also good. And of course he just takes off running. It's cute, and I love it. I hate how everyone says "oh once he's walking you'll really be in trouble!" Walking just makes ME feel much better. I have a compulsion towards cleaning and thinking about his hands all over the floor freaks me out. I'm much happier thinking just his feet are touching the floor.

He's also big on climbing. He can climb into his highchair and sit down (and fall off of it. NO MORE climbing on the highchair!!) and he's smart. He pushes his toys in front of the recliner and climbs up and sits down and thinks he's hot shit. He also has permanent bad hair day. I'm not sure what is up with that kids hair but it's ALWAYS sticking up in the back. I even tried moose but it's so fine. He still only has his two bottom teeth but that's okay. He's learned quickly how to chomp on things and is eating just about everything. He loves Mandarin oranges. And cheese. And mcdonalds hamburgers. He ate an entire one (minus the bun) on Saturday.

He's still a skinnyminny. Ed and I weighed him last night and it came out to 16 pounds, but the doctors scale said 18.5 a month ago. Of course with all the running around he's doing it's hard to tell.

He loves it outside and I can't wait until it gets nice and warm out and he can run around. Of course then I'll be freaking out about ticks and I might just need to look into spraying the yard down. : X

His vocabulary is increasing. He CAN say mom but he doesn't. He says "Ga' for his grammy, and Dad all the time. At walmart Friday night he looked at the door and said "door." I was like hm okay. *haha*. He says Cook (cookie), Kit (kitty), what sounds like 'what's that', and tries to say his cousins names. He's growing up quite a bit.

And of course I'm crazy in love with him ;)

Birthday party! March 8th at 1 oclock. Invites will be out soon. I'm not expecting presents but if anyone is so inclined, summer type clothing size 12-18 months would be nice. Well if it's onesies, 18 + months. Pants the kids still in 6-9 months.

And if you want to volunteer to bring food, PLEASE LET ME KNOW :-D