Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So I have been a bad blogger for the past some months. And I can't promise to be better at it. I want this blog to be sort of like a baby book since I don't have the time to make one otherwise. So it is nice to recall Eli's accomplishments here. I will recall some stories and maybe do better. But chances are I won't ;P

Where to start.

Eli is amazing. He is learning so much everyday. He is starting a language explosion, trying to repeat everything we say. Sometimes it's understandable, sometimes it's only understandable to those closest to him. Last night he was trying to hard to say his name. It was coming out like "E I E I". Friday I came home to the phrases puppy poop and butt paste. Walmart is officially known as frenchfries (which he's gotten REALLY good at saying). No and Mine are very big parts of the vocab. Mine is mostly used when he's gotten a doggie toy and is running around with it. No it used for just about everything. He very much has his own opinion and isn't afraid to tell you about it. It won't be so long until he's really talking and we all will know what he is saying. Oh and mama is officially in his regular vocab now!!! He could say it before but it was a struggle. The past few weeks though it has become easy for him. It's ok except when it's 3 in the morning and all I'm hearing is "maaamaaaa."

It's exciting. Of course he seems like the smartest boy in the world to me. He also loves sitting on the computer and watching you tube. He likes mickey mouse hot dog song, any choo choo soul songs, animals sounds (cows, chickens, geese, sheep etc), elmo videos, and Old Macdonald. We had a brief obsession with cows after we contracted with an amish guy to put a new roof on our house. We went out to his home, and he takes care of milking cows. He said we could go look and Eli was amazed. Then it was fair time and we were able to take him though all of the live stock barns. He loved it. We were standing in front of a pair of cows, and Eli was admiring the one, while the other next to his started a nice deep Mooooooooooooooo. If I could have captured the look on his face, it would have been perfect. He leaned back into me and his eyes got as big as saucers. By the 3rd barn he was running between all of the animals waving and saying "hi" and even petting some.

He follows simple commands, which is nice. Like "shut the door!" or "throw it away." he does not follow other commands like "dont flush the toilet!!" or "put that down!!!" Instead commands like that usually end up with a toilet flushed 10 times or him running behind the recliner with the telephone and hurrying up to push all the buttons before you can get him.

He's very good at running and hiding. He likes to get up the steps quick then hide half under the bed, or hide right in the middle, behind Ed's recliner. He also likes hiding under the kitchen table but I really suprised him this weekend when I went right under with him. Oh the giggles. I need to get a video camera with sound so I can record him.

Anytime you have a 'booboo' he gives kisses. Ed just had his gallbladder out and when Eli saw the lil marks from it he gets his squinty eyes and goes "oooowwwww boo booooo" and starts giving kisses. He's such an affectionate child. Giving hugs and kisses (even to virtual strangers, like the waitress at Bassetts).

We had a lil stint where he had to go to daycare. I think he was temporarily tramatized from it. He apparently is not much for playing with other lil kids his age. It was tramatic for all of us and took about 2 weeks to recover from. Not sure I'll be trying that again until he's a bit older.

He has his little 'babies' that go to bed with him (glow worm, a puppy dog, elmo, spok (like from star trek)). Oh and of course his burpies. And it's not just one burpie, it's often 3 burpies. He takes his glow worm and puts him over his shoulder, and pats his back then goes "BURRRRRRRRP!" like the glow worm let out a big one.

He can put his shoes on by himself..most of the time on the right feet. He almost entirely uses his left hand for everything and I really do believe he will be a lefty (much to Dads dismay!)

He loves playing outside and I'm a lil weary about winter setting in. And he loves going places, although you have to either go in the morning, or after afternoon nap. He's cut himself down to 1 nap a day, mid afternoon. It's working ok.

Well that is my updates for now. I will try to post some pictures and the link to the youtube with his video's.

And if I think of anything else of course, I'll update!