Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The time will come soon when our lil boy gets a serious injury. I’m sure it happens to all parents of boys, unless you keep them in bubble wrap. For instance yesterday, he decided to belly slide down the stair steps. From the very top, down. We’ve seen him do it on the last 3 or 4 stairs but from the very top was a whole new experience. Ed was sure he’d be going to the ER. I’ve caught him several times placing a step stool on top of a chair to reach even higher. The other day he got into the freezer and pulled out the ice box (which we have full of freezee pops) and dumped them all over the floor. Of course no one witnessed it personally, just the aftermath. He’s also figured out how to put his stool in front of the screen door and open it (even when it’s locked). One of his new favorite games is to stand on top of Ed’s belly (as he’s lying down) and do a cannon ball style jump onto the bed. It’s evident that the child has no fear.

He’s also very affectionate, giving a burpie and hug to anyone he thinks is upset. He also will rub you back and tell you that it’s okay. He takes very good care of his little babies too. It makes me proud and I certainly hope I can continue to raise him in a way that fosters a caring and compassionate nature.

He’s starting to potty train himself, which sounds funny to say but is true. He wants to wear his big boy undies and wants to go on the potty. Every night we’ve had an accident though. I’m not pressuring him and I myself am not entirely ready to potty train him. I figure right now is just good practice, and I have a little puppy peeing all over the house so having a lil kid being all over the house really isn’t a big thing. Sometimes he will tell you he has to go and other times it’s like he forgets and just lets loose. He just turned 2, so there is no big rush!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2nd Birthday 2

Eli and his g/f Soapie. (aka Sophia). She's 3. ;)

Not a birthday pic, but one of him playing in the 'baby crib'

2nd Birthday

Yes, I got him a tea set and a baby for his birthday. WELL GUESS WHAT!! HE LOVES THEM!

Mini bday party at Nana's, with Poppop and Daddy in the pic.

Opening Abby's present.


Mega bubbles in the tub. They "attack!"
One of his favorite xmas toys, his shopping cart!

Concentrating on tv.

Tasting his handywork. I let him add the sugar and water.

Baking mom some cookies :-D (It's not really turned on, or even plugged in) ;)


Eli has a TON of fun at Sesame Street Live: When Elmo Grows Up. It was about 90 minutes long with an intermission halfway through. At first he was amazed at how many other little kids were there. Then when the show started he was REALLY amazed. (see the pic right above). He was VERY into it. Dancing, clapping, singing along. He did better then I expected. I'm very glad we went!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Where did my son learn this?

Eli can turn on the tv, turn on the vcr, stick a tape in (check to see if there is one already in there, and in that case eject it), push play, fast forward and rewind.

We took one side of his crib off in hopes that he would sleep better. (Eh, doesn't make much difference except he can climb into our bed on his own). When he wakes up he'll turn his nightlight off and turn the radio off and come downstairs. It's pretty amazing to me that he can turn the radio off because there are a million button on the front of it and half of the time I hit the wrong one (especially in the dark!)

We took the puppy for a walk yesterday. (Yes, we have a 5 month old jack Russell/ pug mix that we adopted from a boy who is going into the marines.) I asked Eli if his hands were cold and he said "No mom, pockets!" and put his hands in his coat pockets. I've never showed him that.

He can draw circles. Amazing!

(he'll kill me for this when he's older). He likes washing his front side and back side under the running tub water. It's hilarious to watch.

He crawls up on your lap and says he's a 'baby.' You have to rock him and he says he wants his baba (which are all packed away!) I'd understand this behavior more if we had a baby, but we don't. He's pretty darn imaginative.

You can actually have conversation with him!! Sometimes he tells fibs though. Mostly he blames things on his cousins when they aren't even around.

Today he glanced at my dresser and said chappy! 3 chappys! (chapstick). I said no, two, then saw there WAS a third. Apparently he can count to three.

His birthday is on the 9th. The past two years have been truly amazing!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

We are fastly approaching Eli's 2nd birthday! People always say it goes by so fast but most of the time I feel like he's been around forever. I am anxious for him to grow up but am enjoying every day as well. He's getting tall and staying skinny. He has all his teeth except for his 2 year molars. His speech is amazing and gets better everyday. He knows when he's done something bad to say sorry. He says thank you when you get him something. His favorite word to describe emotion is angry. (Ever since reading Llama Llama mad at Mama). I'm trying to teach him there are other emotions like happy, sad, but they all end up being 'angry.' He's loving sesame street and even more so lately Thomas the tank engine. We went to a booksale and bought some old vhs tapes, 2 being thomas the tank engine. Now that is all he wants to watch. No real attempts at potty training yet although he did pee on the potty a few months ago. I bought him some big boy undies this past weekend but we'll wait a lil bit to try them out. He loves to announce when he's tooted. And he'll try to toot on purpose if you mention it. He's a giant cuddle bug at times and loves sleeping with his mommy and daddy. (a habit I will be trying to break soon once we can move into our new bedroom). He knows some of his abc's, like if you go through them and stop before a letter he'll name the next letter.

We've gone sledding. He had some fun. He more wanted to walk in the snow. I guess mom had more fun sledding then he did. Right now we are getting a good snow storm so he'll have some more chances to play.

His favorite thing in the world right now is playing cozy. This involves getting naked and getting under the covers. We'll read books or he'll just be a mad man and bounce all over the bed. I don't mind playing cozy because well, it's cozy :-D

We're also looking into getting a puppy .. so life should be getting much more interesting!!!

Time to go!