Monday, December 29, 2008

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Update

Make sure you click on the pictures to see them big!!

Christmas was good! Eli had a blast. He got all kinds of cool presents and really seems to enjoy things.

There are more pictures but I didnt upload them all to photobucket so make sure you check back!!

He's doing very well. He seems to be growing taller but I don't think he's gaining much weight. Or whatever he does gain disappears with his height. He's waving byebye now, very enthusiastically I might add! He's also cruising very well around the furniture and can take a few steps on his own. It won't be too long until he's walking on his own. His main problem is he gets excited and tries to take off then loses his balance. He still just has two teeth on the bottem. He's eating all 'big boy' food. Which can be challenging finding healthy stuff for him! He mostly wants fruit all of the time. It's hard to get him to eat a diverse diet. But he does eat just about anything which is good! And well of course he enjoys playing in it too.

I have some photos of him unrolling the toilet paper that I will post later ;) OO he can be a turkey! and a monkey! crawling all over everything. His favorite toys are the remote and the telephone!!! Soo I am currently charging up our old phone, and I got him his own remote for christmas ;) It's amazing to watch him play and see how his mind works. He loves rolling cars around the house. He even has them 'drive' on things, like on the couch or chairs. He also likes dropping things from a distance, or into a box or garbage can. He gets into EVERYTHING! the bottem drawer on the vanity has bars of soap in it. He loves getting those out then sliding them around on the floor. We have a crate on the floor in the kitchen that has our garden potatoes in there, and he's recently discovered those. Ed and I found him chewing on one the one night. And they aren't exactly scrubbed clean either! Now every chance he gets, he's in there trying to get one. The other day I snuck up on him in the kitchen chewing on a potatoe. I went 'HEY!" and he dropped it quick then dropped on his belly and peered at me from under his high chair!! That's the other thing he likes doing, dropping onto his belly to look 'under' things.. especially if a toy goes rolling under something.

His favorite word is 'a gah" I have no idea what he's saying. He also says "cook" for cookie. Book, baba, mama, dada, ga (grammy), I get it (not perfectly but well enough you know that is what he's saying), all done, elmos world (again not perfectly), dink (drink), andd that's all I can think of right now.

Oh and the other day Ed called the dog an idiot and Eli picked that up "idit, idit"

Another story.. the other day Eli was being AWFULLY quiet out in the living room. I thought Ed was out here with him but here Ed was outside with the dogs. When I walked around the corner here Eli had Eds garbage can overturned and was chewing on an orange peel. *hehe* He offered it to me, which was nice.

He shares sometimes ;) or at least likes to show you what he has.

Okay that is all the update for now but check back for more pictures!

Christmas Photos 2

Christmas photos

We enjoy ripping all of mommies movies apart!!

OOO vibrate my tummy!!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

1st birthday party

Eli went to his first birthday party yesterday for his buddy Hunter. I think everyone had a blast, especially Hunter with his cake ;) It was cute!! There was also another little boy there named Grayson. Between the three of them, Eli turned out to be the bully. He's tiny but he's tough. Grayson was eating an animal cookie and Eli decided to just climb right up using Graysons clothes, push Grayson back against a chair, then try to take the cookie. Yeaa he's a tough'in.

But it was nice seeing him socialize with other kids his age. I think he needs some more of that.
I thought I'd post some more pictures though, for everyone who lives for the pictures on this blog *aka mom*

Btw I stole these pics from Ambers myspace. Thanks ;)

PS: You have to click on the pics to expand them. What you see is not the entire picture. Blogger does that for some reason *shrugs*

Sunday, December 7, 2008


No updates for awhile! My new job is keeping me busy.

I have some pictures to share and some news.
Eli went to see Santa last weekend at the mall. He was fine! The picture lady kept commenting how happy he was. I was so excited for him to meet Santa I didn't mind paying entirely too much for the picture ;P

He also walked up the stairs last Saturday. I was behind him of course, but he started motoring up and didn't stop until he was almost at the top. Then he took a lil break and went right on up the rest of the way! He's a bugger!

Right now it's just a challenge trying to feed him. He slaps the spoon out of your hand when your trying to feed him baby food. He mostly wants table food. It's hard to switch gears and think about okay what do I need to have on hand to feed him, since he can't exactly eat everything we have. I'm still pretty paranoid about giving him meat like chicken or pork or whatnot, and having it be too tough for him to mush up. He does really well though.
Okay that is all for now. And look for my next post to say he's walking ;) haha. I think by christmas time he will be!!!!