Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So I haven't posted for awhile.

I was off work fair week and didn't get a whole lot done. Eli is a lil maniac and he just left me exhusted. Everytime he napped I napped. Or zoned. or something nonactivity releated.

Also in the past week he has learned A LOT! which might explain why before that we were having some major sleep issues.

He is now pulling himself up on you. He likes grabbing ahold of your clothes and pulling. He likes to do that.. up and down.. constantly. Yea I pretty much became a jungle gym. He's also getting somewhere with his crawling. He kind of hops forward, goes splat on the floor. gets up on all fours then hops again. It's slow, but works. I don't think he'll be crawling that long before he starts walking.

He still does not have teeth, but he wants to eat table food now. He's been spitting out his veggies but he will eat his fruits. I've been giving him little bits of whatever we eat. He likes mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, peas, cheese from pizza, um pretty much anything you put on the end of your finger. Oh and Red Lobster buiscuits are yummy too. (I don't think theres a person in the world who would disagree with that).

Soo he's a growing, busy, maniac of a child. Oh and he likes watching Barney. that's not one Ed and I are too fond of though. Jay Jay the Jet Plane and Seasame street catch his attention too.

I need to take some pics and post :-D maybe later.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Well it seems like my lil boy has figured out da da. And boy is he good at saying it too. It's all da da this and da da that. First thing when he wakes up da da and when he's trying to take a bottle too da da. Yup...

Hopefully mummum is next ;)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bound to happen

Well this was something that was bound to happen. A certain little boy I know has found a certain little area of his body that normally is covered up. Uhhhuh. I can't wait until he figures out how to undo his diaper or how to reach down inside ;P

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Eli and I went to visit Amber, Hunter and Kalista today. Eli and Hunter were a little bit on the verge of grumpy but it went well. Hunter had some half deflated balloons and Eli thought they were the bees knees.

Now I must say that I dislike my camera. It has different settings for picture quality. One is 0.3 (the lowest) the next is 1. Well 1 makes the pics REALLY huge and when you try to resize them they distort. but 0.3 takes crappy pictures :(

Okay that rant over.

Eli's wanting to crawl. Since last weekend that is his new thing. Before he hated being on his belly and now that's all he wants to do. No more naps on the bed. That kiddo is WAY to quick. (and I just paid 15 dollars for a bedrail HRMPH. Ah well perhaps when Eli is in a big boy bed he'll need it.) He tries to get himself to go forward but instead he somehow ends up backwards. I have not witnessed this personally but several times I have placed him on the floor and walked away and when I came back he was a foot or two behind his original placement. o.O

Silly kid. And he's a jumping maniac. Ed says Eli would win 'jumpyjump' in the olympics. Too bad it's not an official sport :(

Okay that is all for now :-D I promise to take more pictures.